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    Peace Tower

    • ByWard Market, Canada
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      Peace Tower - the heart of Ottawa, its symbol. Built in memory of the lives being lost World War I, the building became a memorial to all those who laid his head on the wars of the XX century. Proudly rise above the parliament building, the Tower of the world ringing their bells 53-hour reminiscent of the mistakes of the past.

      At the core is a lie metal plates, melted from the shell casings from the battlefields. On the plates fixed date large-scale battles Canada in the First World. The walls were originally inscribed with names of the dead, but due to lack of space they had to be moved in the Book of Memory.

      7 books of memory - a tribute to all Canadians who died in the war. Lists are stored in a marble tower room on the second floor, and every day, exactly at 11 am - the time when the first World War, turns one page each book.

      By visiting this historic building, painted on the banknotes of Canada, you can not only feel a part of history, but also with the 96-meter height enjoy the magnificent panorama of the capital of Canada.

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