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Park Commissioner

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Near the lake Dow in Ottawa is Park Commissioner He became famous thanks to their fields of tulips and other flowers krokusaў that spring and throughout the growing season delight guests with bright colors Spring is held here annually  Tulip... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Minto Park

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Park pollock is a small island of greenery and nature in the central part of Ottawa It is located between the streets Gilmour Street and Elgin Street By area it occupies an entire city block and is perfect for a picnic on the weekend Along the small... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Park Dandonald

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Dandonald Park in Ottawa occupies an entire city block between the streets of West Somerset and Bay Street Park got its name in honor of the Earl of Douglas Cochrane twelfth Earl Dandonalda Douglas was the last British officer in the office ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Park Muniz Bay

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Munіsa Bay Park located on the banks of the Rideau River one of the best destinations for summer vacation Area of ​​the park is located inside the small artificial bay which was formed by the construction of the dam Entrance to the park open... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Hampton Park

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Hampton Park is located near Ottawa Ontario The park has a very rich centenary history famous above all baseball games which are held here so far In 1916 the championships were held here regularly between Britain and  West Hathaway But basically... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Dominion Park

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Dominion Park is located on the Central Experimental Farm of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada In essence this arboretum which was blown up in 1889 on an area of ​​over 25 hectares The local climate is not very suitable for the maintenance of... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Vincent Massey Park

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Vincent Massey Park a great place for meetings picnics and family gatherings The park is quiet wooded walking paths meadows picturesque landscapes and open grassy areas for sports The park was named in honor of the Governor General Vincent Massey... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Brewer Park

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Brewer Park in Ottawa one of the most popular holiday destinations in the city Here on the vast territory of the conditions for any outdoor activity In the beginning of the century it was just a public beach and today there are three football fields... attractions, Parks and Gardens


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District Centretown West Ottawa located along the West Somerset Street is the main Chinatown in the country Its boundaries are blurred but it is best to visit the West Somerset Street Townspeople call this area simply Chinatown   In fact it is... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Lansdowne Park

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Along Bank Street and the Rideau canal bed is located Lansdowne Park Here in the city center on 16 acres of land are a few of the legendary sports grounds and stadiums exhibition center and a few entertaining scenes Until 2010 it annually ... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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